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MANILA, Philippines – BookBit, the latest bookkeeping software for business owners that eliminates the struggles of tax filing – fast and easy, announced the launch of their 2.1 version of its mobile app, available in Google Playstore.  The updated 2.1 Version is now enabled with push notification feature.  Users can now enjoy direct messages, news, promos, updates and other announcements first hand from the BookBit team.  Now on its beta web app with over 200 users, this all-mobile experience offers quick and easy approach to doing your tax reports.  Simply snap photos of your invoices and expense receipts and, you’re done!

With its mantra #ParaSaBayan, BookBit helps the tedious process of tax filing in the Philippines reducing the time spent to 89%.  Imagine the cost savings and increase in productivity for every person with the use of this mobile app.  Users will be able to comply with the required filing dates slated every 20th of the month.  For revenue declarations, the mobile app will automatically render reports and this will be used by the user to pay the needed amounts direct to the bank. Meantime for expense receipts, a summarized e-journal is generated.  To complement the app, the BookBit team conducts live webinars and community forums to shed light on accounting essentials, designed for entrepreneurs and startup companies.  This is led by the team’s Chief Financial Officer, who is also a Certified Public Accountant.

BookBit strives to not only provide tools of the trade but also to educate fellow Filipino entrepreneurs to understand the importance of their duty to file our taxes correctly and regularly.  This vision into bringing the SME market in this country to its full potential while being legally compliant is what drives the company every single day.


About BookBit:

BookBit is a mobile application targeted to the SME market and business owners for their tax filing duties.  By simply downloading the app for free in Google Playstore, one would just take a picture of their appropriate invoices and receipts and it will automatically render reports every month so that they can pay what is due – both accurately and in a timely fashion.  BookBit’s executive team taps into over 20 years of combined professional experience both in the corporate world and in the startup environment. A finalist in the Alpha Startup Challenge in early May, BookBit is based in Manila, Philippines and was founded in 2016.


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