About BookBit

BookBit is a bookkeeping software for entrepreneurs and professionals that eliminates the struggles of tax filing, quickly and accurately!

Eliminate 90% on painstaking tax filing. We are an mobile and web application that processes receipts to transform them into meaningful reports.

Adding value to our clients is what our service is all about, and BookBit's and/or our end users accountants and accounting departments will be able to do just that, thanks to the time that is saved via the BookBit app.

We know our users have more important things to do than worry about accounting/bookkeeping. So we built BookBit, a service that incorporates professionals and modern technology to remove the pain from our users.

Simply snap photos of receipts, and you're done.

Each month our app and team of accountants and bookkeepers turns this data into professionally prepared, tax-ready financial statements, and securely delivers them to you through the BookBit web/mobile app.


The BookBit Team